We rely on innovation and on the usefulness of technology. We opted for digitalization and we inspire change in the field of electricity distribution.

The future of energy distribution, in Romania and in other countries, is the digitalization of power grids – smart grids. Smart grids mean modernization through innovating solutions that lead to the automation of the network and turn it into a system that can integrate with other private and public systems, in a connected city – smart city. Digital grids, InternetOfThings, electrical mobility, the generation of electricity from renewable sources, the distributed generation and energy efficiency are trends that generate major changes in the world.

The electricity demand is growing, our modern life relies on quite a number of electricity-powered devices, so that saving becomes important, just as the increase of the sustainable energy generation and the ability to immediately adapt the grids to the required or available quantity of electricity. Smart grids have lower energy losses, they allow remote operations in the case of faults (which are faster detected) and the immediate restoration of supply, they allow for the absorption of energy from prosumers based on the bidirectional measurement meters, such as smart meters. E-cars can be charged from the grid through the charging stations and they could inject energy into the grid at the hours when energy sale would be profitable.

Smart grids are safe, flexible and adaptable, and they contribute to the increase of the energy system performance. Moreover, smart grids mean less worries and more opportunities for customers.