How to request a verification in the case of voltage fluctuations or variations?

Voltage fluctuation is a phenomenon that you might have noticed at home sometimes and that generally does not have an impact on electrical appliances. There are some things we do to reduce voltage variations, and there are other you can do to prevent damages.

You might sometimes notice these voltage fluctuations, maybe more often in the evening, when people come back from work and the consumption increases – the brightness of incandescent bulbs changes, restarting devices and so on.

As you already know, we are bound under the regulations in force to observe a certain technical quality of the power we supply to your consumption place – see the summary of the Performance Standard. We take all measures to make sure that we distribute power compliant with the proper technical parameters. You should know that fluctuations are unavoidable and that the normal range of the voltage we supply to a home (hence, a low voltage example), under normal conditions, is of 230 V +/-10% - not at all times, but during any week, for 95% of the actual values, averaged over a 10-minute period. These changes should not affect your appliances, because they are normally designed to withstand fluctuations within this range.

Causes and prevention

The first causes that can lead to large voltage variations (accidental voltage drop, overvoltage) are, for instance, the power thefts in the area or the manner in which the residential area you live in developed (there were hazardous situations in which the developers sold properties for which they had not obtained a suitable TAC), the resumption of the supply after a power outage and others.

Moreover, in case your neighbors don’t have this problem, the causes may be related to your indoor equipment, so it won’t hurt calling an authorized electrician for a check, especially if you haven’t done so for some years.

It’s also useful to make sure that the approved power for your consumption place in the technical approval for connection is the one you currently need. Thus, you need to request a power supplementation..

Whatever the cause, in order to avoid device failures, it’s good to disconnect them from the power sockets when you can’t supervise them and use secured extensions or UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) devices, which takeover the voltage differences instead of the devices they supply. In order to prevent the effects on electrical appliances, a solution would be to mount an overvoltage safety fuse.

Verification of the quality of the voltage curve

Even though not at the level of the voltage fluctuations, you can see the voltage curve right in your online account.

If you have a complaint regarding the quality of the voltage curve, our standard response time is of 20 calendar days. After you send this complaint, we will monitor the quality parameters at the delimitation point (that separates our equipment from your interior equipment), for 7 consecutive days by mounting a quality analyzer.

We cover the cost of this monitoring, regardless of its result (so, even if the parameters are within admissible limits), except if (1) we find that you are to blame for the low quality of energy or in case (2) you submitted the second groundless complaint with our company within a month.

If the complaint was grounded, we will pay the due compensation – for low voltage, it amounts to RON 130. For medium and high voltage, it amounts to RON 270.