When do you need to request a power supplementation?

Life changes, families grow, and electricity consumption also varies. When electricity consumption increases, you may need power supplementation.

One of the reasons which sometimes causes short power outages several times a day in certain areas may also be the fact that the households there consume more than they estimated when they connected to the power network.

Another sign that you need a power supplementation is when you cannot use several electrical appliances at the same time.

How can you find out what is the approved power at your place of consumption?

You have the following ways to find out what power is approved at your place of consumption:

• create your account on www.reteleelectrice.ro, here. On the first page of your account, you will see the approved power at that address.

• the approved power is mentioned in the Technical Connection Approval (TAC) and in the connection certificate if you have them at hand.

• check the bill issued by your electricity supplier: some suppliers include the value of the approved power on one of the pages of the bill.

• your electricity supply contract with your supplier.

If you have a smart meter integrated with our metering system, it will automatically turn off the power temporarily when peak consumption exceeds the approved power and will display the message "Power exceeded". It is important to know that this temporary power failure is not a disconnection from the electricity distribution network, but is a precautionary measure for your own and your property's safety, based on the provisions of the Order NAER no. 25/2021.

How can you restart the meter without the technical teams intervening?

If, as a result of exceeding the approved power at any time, your smart meter has temporarily shut down, follow the steps below to restart it yourself, in complete safety:

• reduce consumption (unplug one or more consumers / electrical appliances)

• if there is access to the meter - press the yellow button and the meter will reconnect automatically

• if there is no access to the meter - lower all switches / general switch from the electrical panel in the house/building, wait 10 seconds, then raise / re-position the toggles.

After completing these maneuvers, the consumption place reconnects automatically.

The steps for restarting the smart meter are described in detail in the User's Guide for installation and in the presentation film, here.

If you do not have a smart meter and you have exceeded the approved power, the power supply is temporarily interrupted by the general switch of your place of consumption. You can restart the power supply by simply turning the general switch on, without the need for the intervention of technical teams.

How do you request power supplementation?

If you think you need a power supplementation, you can ask us for more by following the steps below:

1. Check the approved power allowance (the maximum simultaneous absorbable) power at the desired consumption place, approved by the technical connection approval/connection certificate (TAC / CER), and calculate the cumulative power of all the electricity consumers you want to use at the same time (for example, if you want to charge an electric car at home and at the same time use a power station and other appliances, calculate the power of the consumers you normally had and add the power of the power station).

If the amount exceeds your power allowance, then it is necessary to make a request for a power supplementation or you can use the respective consumers in turn, not at the same time, so as not to exceed the power allowance.

2. Submit a connection request for updating the Technical Connection Approval / Connection Certificate. You can do it directly online on reteleelectrice.ro, in your account, or at a workstation or store of your electricity supplier.

For this stage, you need to have at hand the registration certificate (for legal entities) or the identity card (for natural persons), the document attesting the right of use on the land/premises/building where the consumption place is situated (contract of sale-purchase, lease agreement, land book extract), valid building permit; for the rented spaces, the notarial agreement of the owner is required for the execution of works in the electrical installations.

In your request, mark, at Request, „existing user development (power supplementation)”. Choose the request based on your location – Banat, Dobrogea, Muntenia.

3. The next steps, until the completion of the power supplementation, are specific to the network connection process and can be followed here.

It is good to know that with the power supplementation approval, it is possible that the connection to your place of consumption might be modified to support this power supplementation.

Requesting a power supplementation does not involve changing the terms of your electricity supply contract.