How do you know whether we are responsible for supply failures or not?

You might have a problem related to the electricity supply and wonder whether you should call us or whether you should solve it.

You should know that upstream the delimitation point, the electricity network is our responsibility. However, downstream the delimitation point, the network is your responsibility – we will refer to it as the interior network or the usage equipment.

Most often, in case the general switch broke down and the neighbors don’t have the same problems, the solution should be found together with an authorized electrician, who performs the required checks and proposes solutions.

In case you found out that you need a power supplementation for your current electricity consumption, find out how you can get it. If you are thinking about asking for a verification in the case of voltage variations or fluctuations, find out how here.

If, pursuant to a collective power shutdown, the neighbor’s supply was resumed, but your house still is without power, check the state of the general switch and contact us at our telephone numbers dedicated to technical issues, available on the contact page.

Power outages are sometimes a consequence of a disconnection – for non-payment, pursuant to a court order on power theft or other situations. In these cases, we are forced to disconnect you and to interrupt the supply to your connection place  - if you have a smart meter, the disconnection could be remotely performed.