Power supply duty

We are under an obligation to ensure the continuity of the power supply to all our customers. If, for objective reasons, the power supply is interrupted, we must gather our forces and intervene in order to restore the supply within the terms stipulated under the regulations. And if we are unable to do so, you are entitled to compensation.

Planned outages

Planned outages are the ones we schedule in order to carry out various necessary works – maintenance or modernization/development works. Follow this page on our website to see if you are going to be affected by such outages in the near future and how long we estimate they will take.

Considering the ANRE regulations, during a calendar year, for the development and maintenance works, we will not have more than 4 planned outages interrupting the supply to your house, in case you live in the urban are, and 8 outages if you live in the rural area. Each planned outage can last for no more than 8 hours.

Unplanned outages

Unplanned outages are the ones that occur for various reasons, about which we find out through our monitoring systems, or, in case it is an individual fault, from you. It is important that you call and tell us there’s no power supply to your home, so that we can intervene as soon as possible.

As soon as we become aware of the power supply outage, we undertake to intervene to restore it, as shortly as possible, observing the terms set by the Romanian National Energy Regulatory Authority.

As of January 1st 2019, we are bound to restore the power supply as follows:

  • For the urban area, under normal weather conditions (except for the county capitals), within no more than 6 hours
  • For county capitals, under normal weather conditions, within no more than 4 hours
  • For the rural area, under normal weather conditions, within no more than 12 hours
  • Under special weather conditions, causing grid element faults within the built-up area, within no more than 48 hours, and in case the faults are outside the built-up area, within no more than 72 hours

If not, we will grant differentiated compensation, depending on the consumer category you fall under and on the power grid type (high/medium/low voltage) your consumption place is fed from. See here the page about compensations.

As of January 1st 2019 and up to December 31st 2020, we will make sure, through the measures we take, that for each consumption/production place fed from the low voltage networks no more than 12 long-term unplanned outages are registered in the urban area and no more than 24 in the rural area, during a calendar year and under normal weather conditions.

For the period January 1st 2021 - December 31st 2022, we undertake to make sure that the number of long-term unplanned low voltage network outages, during any calendar year, under normal weather conditions, will not exceed 8 unplanned outages, in the urban area, and 16 unplanned outages, in the rural area.

As of January 1st 2023, the number of long-term unplanned outages affecting on low voltage (LV) power grids, during a calendar year, under normal weather conditions, cannot be greater than 8 outages, irrespective of the area.

In case your consumption place is fed from the high voltage (HV) or medium voltage (MV) grids, we undertake, as of January 1st 2019, that the number of long-term unplanned outages, during a calendar year, under normal weather conditions, will not be greater than 3, irrespective of the area.

Vulnerable customers

For certain customers, the power supply is vital, so they have a special status in the relation with us, when it comes to power outages.

In case a person using life support equipment lives at the consumption place address, such person falls under the category of vulnerable customers and we shall take special measures to maintain the power supply to the housing.

In order for us to know where the vulnerable customers are located, the supply/distribution contract holder must inform us that a vulnerable person lives there, as soon as possible. A valid medical document attesting the vulnerability, issued by a specialized MD, endorsed by the family doctor must also be submitted. We will register the consumption point/address as a special facility, on humanitarian grounds, while making sure that:

  • we take all steps in order to avoid the disconnection of that consumption place;
  • we settle with priority the unplanned outages affecting that consumption place;
  • we ensure an additional source of power supply for that consumption place;
  • we provide the user with an emergency telephone number;

If applicable, the relation with the respective vulnerable customer shall be effected through a third party, authorized by the supply/distribution contract holder concluded for the respective consumption place.