The duty to ensure the technical quality of the power supply

Because you need high quality for all power for all the devices you use every day, we are bound to respond to consumption needs under optimum parameters.

The regulations setting the performance standard (ANRE Order no. 46/2021) describe in detail the power supply quality parameters, which we bind to observe.

Moreover, we take the measures required for the review and settlement of possible deviations. For instance, in case you notify us in writing of the fact that you notice voltage fluctuations at your address, we will analyze the situation and we will inform you of the results, as well as on the measures taken, within 20 calendar days. In order to notify us of that, enter your online account or write to us by mail/using the contact form.

The analysis will rely on the monitoring of the power technical quality parameters, for at least 7 consecutive days, using portable analyzers mounted on the delimitation point between the indoor power equipment, your property, and the one of the distribution operator. We carry out this monitoring and analysis free of charge, irrespective of the results obtained.

You are responsible for the costs in two cases: if we find that the low power quality is generated by a cause that is not incumbent upon us or in case, within no more than one month as of the first groundless complaint, you submit a new groundless complaint.

In order to monitor the continuity and quality of your power supply, we will mount quality analyzers, allowing, as a minimum, for the registration and analysis of the following voltage values: transient outages, short-term and long-term outages, the frequency, the actual voltage value, the voltage drops, transient overvoltages of industrial frequency between phases and Earth or between phases, the flicker phenomenon, fast and slow voltage variations, harmonics and currents (fundamental wave and harmonics).

In case a smart meter is mounted at your address, the duration of outages can be registered and the technical current parameters may be monitored using this meter.

In case you individually mount a quality analyzer allowing for the registration of outages and quality parameters, the data took over with the help of the analyzer may be used in the relations amongst us, but only if we agreed on the following: the analyzer location, the mounting, sealing, programming, and retrieval of data from its memory.