Duty to ensure the commercial quality of the service

Whatever you might contact us for, we will answer as shortly as possible. Your power supply needs are at the center of our concerns and we will try to solve or clarify the matter as shortly as possible.

We will answer all your requests, queries, notifications, or complaints, registered directly by us or through your power supplier, within 15-30 calendar days, according to the legal specifications in force.

In order to contract the distribution service, as of the date when you submit the request to conclude the distribution contract, accompanied by the full documentation, we will send our offer within no more than 5 calendar days.

With regards to the metering, we make sure that we properly and safely register your power consumption in the following ways:

  • we install the meter within the term stipulated in the connection contract, for each new consumption and/or production place.
  • we replace or reprogram the meter, within no more than 10 calendar days as of the date on which the distribution contract holder submitted the written request motivated by the user’s option to change the supply rate if the application of the new rate requires such replacement or reprogramming.

When you notify us, directly or through your electricity supplier, as to the fact that you suspect that your meter is faulty or that it erroneously registers consumption, we will check the device, in your presence and will notify you of the results of the verifications:

  • we mount or replace the metering group/elements thereof, when you notify us on the fault/disappearance/suspicion of erroneous registration, on the terms stipulated in the framework agreement for the distribution service (10 calendar days).