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How we meter your electricity consumption and what are the rates for the metering group-related services.

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We are there for you at all times. Below is a list of inquiries you can send us.

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Your places of consumption

Find out what a POD is and other useful information regarding your places of consumption.

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Electricity in your home

Alongside the connection, the other two services we provide to our customers are electricity distribution (the supply to the places of consumption) and the metering of consumption/production (via meters). If you are connected to the electricity network we manage, we are bound to guarantee continuous electricity supply to your home and we have meter-related duties - periodical reading, replacement in case of faults or according to the modernization plans.

These services also facilitate the activity of electricity suppliers from whom you get the invoices depending on the offer you opted for (if you are on the free market) or from whom you receive the universal supply service (if you are on the regulated market). You can find out more about the difference between electricity distribution and supply here.

Which are the companies with whom we perform meter reading?

It is important that the measurement of energy consumption by reading the meter in your home is done regularly and safely. Here's a list of our meter reading partners in each of the regions where we operate.

Please note that every employee of the above companies who provides meter reading services for us has a valid name, surname and photo badge signed also by our company in order to keep you safe.

Our duty to you - What is the performance standard?

The performance standard means that we have a duty towards you, our customer, to provide high quality services and observe certain performance indicator as part of our activity. The Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) has established that standard for all operators with regards to the power supply continuity to users, the quality of the power we supply, as well as the commercial quality of the distribution service. The articles below comprise further details on our obligations related to scheduled power outages (for repair, maintenance or modernization works), the unscheduled ones (under normal or special weather conditions), the vulnerable customers, the voltage curve quality (voltage, frequency, variations) and related to business services – connection, contracting, metering and the compensation you may receive in case we are unable to observe these obligations.


See our performance indicators here.

Get your information from the source – Legal provisions and procedures

Our activity as a distribution operator is regulated by the competent authorities. Find out more about electricity distribution to users, by reading the laws underpinning our services.

Procedures in place

What is the difference between electricity distribution and supply?

Who to call if you haven’t received your invoice? Who to call in case of power failures? Find out more about how the distribution operator and the energy supplier share and complement their roles to make sure you get the required electricity under the best possible terms.