Who we are

We introduce you to our power distribution companies and we tell you about our vision for the future.


What are our sustainability initiatives?

Distribution companies Rețele Electrice Banat, Rețele Electrice Dobrogea, and Rețele Electrice Muntenia integrate sustainability principles into their modus operandi based on values such as trust, responsibility, proactivity, and innovation.

Our performance indicators

Through our modernizations and the standards based on which we carry out our activity, we manage to reduce the duration of power outages, which is one of the quality indicators of our distribution service. We also make sure we observe the technical and business parameters of our distribution, connection and power metering services and to respond to your requests as quickly as possible. See how our efforts translate into figures every year - KPIs transparently made available to you.

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Management team

​Our managers develop Rețele Electrice companies every year, due to their professional experience and because they place customers at the center of their concerns. We provide high-quality services and we are a trustworthy electricity partner. Meet our leaders.

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Compliance programmes

​Through the compliance programs we undertake, we abide by our obligation to separate our distribution companies’ identity from that of the supply companies within the group we belong to.

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Our commitments

​We care so much about the safety of our employees and contractors that the target we aim for is “zero accidents”. Find out details about the other commitments we have undertaken through the Integrated Management System.

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