How do smart meters work?

Learn to “speak” the language of smart meters - the messages displayed and the measures required under certain circumstances.

The smart meter is an item that only works at full capacity if integrated in a smart metering system – alongside other meters, it sends data to a data concentrator, which, in turn, communicates them to a centralizes system, in a secured manner. The communicated data comprise the electricity consumption, the load curve and other values of the electricity parameters, through the PLC (power-line communication) communication system - power supply cables. It does not use and it does not generate WiFi signals.

When it is integrated on a smart metering system, the smart meter communicates directly with us, in a secured manner, but also with you. It allows us to collect and analyze data and find out what the improvement areas are, and we allow you to monitor and adapt your consumption – find out more about the benefits. If you already have a smart meter that is integrated in a complete system, check the information on your own consumption in your online account, on the computer or mobile devices.

As an electrical appliance, the smart meter observes all Romanian and EU environmental rules and requirements. The meter is CE-marked and it is accompanied by the certificate of conformity (according to the provisions in art. 5 of DG no. 1022/2002), which attests that the product cannot represent a danger for your life, occupational health and safety and that it does not negatively impact the environment. Find out more about meter technical specifications which we install: CERT and CERM.

For additional information, download the user’s manual below and watch the animation.

Re-energizing the smart meter after it has been disconnected

One of the features of the smart meter is that it allows for remote disconnection/reconnection, i.e., it is able to interrupt or resume the electricity supply of the consumption place.

If you’re out of power, there are two possible causes for that:
There has been an incident either on the power grid or on your indoor equipment. What you have to do is to first check your indoor equipment - see whether your entrance door fuses were triggered and if so, rearm them and the power should be back on. If not, call us at our customer support number – see the contact page.

The internal relay of the meter was triggered. In this case, the LED display is on and it shows __/  __. There is electrical supply to the meter, but not to the consumption place. Why? Well, it is whether because you’ve significantly exceeded the contracted power, or because you haven’t paid the electricity invoice on time. In the first case, you can shut down all the appliances in your house, which increased the power used, and then you can restart the meter (see the instructions in the user’s manual above). If that happens often, you should contact us for power supplementation. In the second case, contact the electricity supplier you have concluded a contract with.

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What to do when the smart meter no longer records electricity consumption?

The messages that smart meter screens display are very important. Smart meter screens can tell you that they no longer record electricity consumption or that a power supplementation may be needed. Watch the video below to find out what should you do depending on the message displayed by your smart meter.

Video animation describing the steps to be taken by household consumers, when the smart meter stops recording electricity consumption