What are smart meters?

Smart meters represent a modern generation of metering equipment, which will gradually replace the old generation of meters, according to the schedules approved by the National Regulatory Authority (ANRE).

The time of disk and mechanical display meters has passed, and they have generally been replaced with electronic display meters that are able to generate several indexes or electrical measures, for rates that are or are not differentiated per time zones. From the electronic meter generation, the smart meters currently holds the main interest in Romania.

We continue to install smart meters on the grids we manage for several reasons. Firstly, this is part of a modernization process, of implementing a technology with a demonstrated usefulness - in the future, our grids may be just as digitalized as the ones in the most advanced countries in the field.

The smart meter is at the center of tomorrow’s grid – imagine a city with smart grids, supplied by producers and prosumers that generate renewable wind or sun energy in quantities measured by smart meters, a network that delivers energy to consumers who use it to fuel e-cars and other devices, while adjusting and monitoring their consumption through Internet of Things apps that automate these features. Find out more about how the smart meter works.  

In 2019, we are leaders in the installation of smart meters in Romania, based on the number of installed smart meters, and we intend to maintain our position in the years to follow, while bringing  the benefits of the smart meters to our customers in the urban and rural environment. See the schedule installations approved by ANRE.