You have been informed that a smart meter is going to be installed and you don’t know how to react. Rest assured! It’s good news! Smart meters are the technology of the future and they have been successfully used in countries that are faster to adopt advanced power grid technologies.

In case the smart meter is an integrating part of a smart metering system and it actively communicates to the central system, you get a lot of benefits. Here they are:

Your consumption is automatically read and allows for differentiated rates. Because the meter reading is done automatically, in a secured and error-free manner, your supplier will invoice the actual, instead of an estimated cost. Because data is automatically transferred, you have greater freedom in choosing the supply offer – you can opt for flexible rates (the smart meter allows for the storage of 6 types of rates), configurable for hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal intervals, alongside the invoicing period flexibility (not necessarily monthly or every three months). In the near future, smart electrical appliances will be able to automatically read from the smart meter the differentiated rates and they will decide on the best time for them to be powered on.

You can monitor and control your energy consumption. The information on your normal or detailed consumption is quickly and permanently displayed, and it can be viewed from a computer, tablet or phone, so that you get a clear image of your power consumption – enter your online account. You can adjust your consumption behavior to save energy!

You are protected in case of overvoltage and chances are that your power supply is resumed much faster if the disconnection was caused by power grid incidents, because the meter can provide valuable information on the position, type and extent of the incidents (for medium and high voltage), while reducing the response time, because some of them can be remotely remedied.​

You separately meter the produced energy. The bidirectional metering feature of the smart feature facilitates the easy integration of the distributed energy units, the producers and the prosumers. Whether you produce energy using wind turbines or sun panels, the meter will separately measure the energy you deliver to the grid and the one you absorb from the grid. You will know when you consume energy from the grid and when you consume the renewable energy you produce yourself. For business customers, the possibility to define complex and customized rates is open, which allow for the reduction of cost, according to the evolution of the energy price on the power trading market.

You save time when you change your supplier. Supplier replacement, connections, disconnections, rates, contract termination or transfer will be performed remotely.


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