Information Classification

The diversity of the information used within Retele Electrice companies, as well as its importance to the company make it imperative to set up a system to manage it, from the classification, to processing and storage, a system which allows for the monitoring of the life cycle of the various types of information.

Assuring an appropriate level of safety for the information requires the constant efforts and collaboration of all those involved, especially those who, either directly or indirectly, generate and process it.

This effort expands over all the phases of the processed information lifecycle, from its generation and up to its destruction. The unauthorized access to data and to the processing systems thereof is one of the major IT security hazards, which could affect the interests of Retele Electrice Banat, Retele Electrice Dobrogea and Retele Electrice Muntenia.

In order to correctly classify the information within Retele Electrice, o series of Operational Guidelines on the Classification and Processing of Generated, Used or Processed Information have been drafted.

Operational Guidelines set the stages for the classification of information depending on the sensitivity and the criticality of the information created, used and disseminated within Retele Electrice companies, as well as in regard with the external entities and they apply to all information, in physical or electronic format.